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Historic Photos 1st Set

Erie Canal
Postcard shot taken from what was the High Street Bridge crossing the Erie Canal at High Street. It shows the canal from the bridge north to Lock 14 that can be seen today via a footpath that start off of Vliet Street in Cohoes. This stretch of Canal was the closest to Cohoes downtown proper with White Street providing an avenue access. Therefore White Street contained saloons, groceries, meat stalls, dry goods, etc. catering not only to locals but to the canalers as well.

Photo of Harmony Mills on North Mohawk Street. It was the largest cotton mill complex in the world when it opened in 1872, and is one of the finest examples of a large-scale textile mill complex outside of New England.

Photo from 1916 showing work being done to improve the canal by Cohoes Light & Power Company. This segment of the canal was between the Gate House and the Power Station.

Sargent Street in Cohoes during the 1920s. Interesting thing about Sargent Street is it was the location of the first gas works in Cohoes. Right next to the Erie Canal (now Bedford Street). Also the Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop, George Davis, was born on Sargent Street. His family later moved to Main Street. Davis' stats still stand up after over one hundred years!

Photo taken during the mid 1920s on North Mohawk Street while the Cohoes Light & Power company was preparing for a company picnic. The building on the left is the "Bag Mill," which derived it's name from the bags produced to wrap the cotton cloth bolts for shipping.

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